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105 Trapelo Road, Belmont, MA, USA, 02478
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When your Board convenes, when clients come to plan an important new project or when three days of training bring your people in from the field, it's time to call VLB. 

You will find that we have selected only those items from our extensive menus that are proven successful in remote location service settings. Our reliability, our presentations and our attention to detail are unmatched. Try us once and see if you don't become one of our loyal clients. 


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Molly February 19, 2017

I was in here for lunch the other day + met the owner, Vicki. To say it's my new favorite place is an understatement. Here are my corporate planner notes:
- Gorgeous kitchen available for cooking demos + full buyouts
- Bright, clean space with a comfortable energy + experienced staff
- Food was incredible - quiche was the best I've ever had, exceptional coffee, + the cookies were out of this world
- Eager to order catering from here when I need to impress, for custom cookie orders or customer thank you gifts
- the space is available for a full buyout for dinner + can accommodate 200 people
- Can't wait to get back

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