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Empower your happiest, healthiest you. 

Jennifer and her handpicked team of Wellness Experts have designed a series of workshops to education and empower your employees to eat well, move well and live well. We look at corporate wellness with a holistic mindset, understanding that this is essential for the health, performance and motivation of the whole company. Check out the website for more details on the specific programs currently offered:


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Rebecca January 23, 2018

Highly recommended! As we're all trying to keep up with our New Years' resolutions - bring in Jennifer Hanway for a fun lunch & learn to break up the day. Your employees will love following her on social media + attending her weekly sessions at Boston Public Market.

Meredith June 7, 2017

I have had the pleasure of attending a few of Jennifer's classes at the Boston Public Market and only have rave reviews.

Thrilled to see she will be joining us for The Summer Party in Boston next week! She isn't one to miss!! Great idea to bring her into your office -- I hadn't thought of that. Some great program ideas as well.

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