City Wine Tours

67 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, MA, USA, 02138
City Wine Tours

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popavent planners: If booked before November 25th, City Wine Tours will offer you 10% off private tour bookings in December.

Planning a notable corporate or private event is fraught with chances for disappointment. Don’t make mistakes…make memories! Our friendly, charismatic wine ambassador will lead your group to some of the city’s hot spots, where you’ll be welcomed to a reserved table, with wait staff standing by, ready to serve our pre-selected wines and appetizers.

Your colleagues will feel appreciated and sophisticated as we discuss wine tasting basics, learn how to select and purchase great value wines, and solicit their opinion on flavors and aromas. Our tastings provide the group with a focus, and common topics to discuss, rather than creating the awkward social pressure of everyone milling about in a room trying to break the ice.

You win, too, because you’ll make a good impression for having “planned” such a memorable event. We plan event like this ev

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