Summer Outing 2017?

Jackie posted

Is it ever too early to start planning? Wish I could make it to the brainstorm next week ---- let's start the convo here: 

1. Thompson Island - no executives want to be stuck on an island 

2. Kimball Farm - always fun, everyone has been there/done that 

3. Red Sox - great to work with, fun way to do some brand awareness too, Wally visit + facepainting always fun

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Jenny Avatar
Jenny commented

We hosted an event at Thompson Island a few years back - the boat captain literally swore in our co-founder's face. Event coordinator was not very responsive and didn't understand the severity of the situation. Granted I won't be booking future events there. Although their renovated deck area was nice for guests to sit...

Maybe for a young company outing, but older crowd was definitely eager to get on the first boat back :-(

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KayTosches commented

HI Jackie! Sorry to be so late to the conversation. I'm the Director of Events at The Gardens at Elm Bank and Massachusetts Horticultural Society! We have an amazing 36-acre property located in Wellesley, only about 30 minutes outside of Boston. We have twelve stunning display gardens and lots of open, outdoor spaces perfect for outdoor activities, lawn games, and more! Please let me know if you would like to learn more! My email address is KTosches@masshort.org

Rebecca commented

I just looked into popavent's pop-up summer outings offered this summer at Gore Place. Is anyone else considering this?? Sounds fun, just need to find another company to select the same day!