Dinner/Venues near Hynes Convention Center?

Meredith posted
I'm organizing 2 events around the Open Stack Conference coming through Boston this May. 
Searching for 2 venues: 
1. top dinner spot close to the Hynes Convention Center for ~60 people 

2. Big party for >200 people on Wednesday night - was thinking EMC Club at Fenway, but the conference is hosting their beer crawl up + down Landsdowne earlier in the week, so don't want to over do the Fenway Park theme....

Appreciate any leads! 
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Rebecca commented

Hi Meredith - here's some research I did the other day for a 100 person reception - noted distance from Hynes + my contact. Hope this helps! ~RC
- Tapestry, 10 minute drive, <sam@samkanter.com>
- Top of the Hub, 3 minute walk, topofthehub@topofthehub.net
- Liberty Hotel, 10 minute drive, Stefanie Goslant <Stefanie.Goslant@libertyhotel.com>
- Kings Back Bay, 5 minute walk, sam@kingsbowlamerica.com
- Legal Harborside, 15 minute drive, Hara, Shion" <shara@legalseafoods.com
- Lolita Tequila Bar, 9 minute walk, online form
- Eataly - not accepting corporate groups just yet - stay tuned early summer
- Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar, 15 minute drive, megan@locosouthboston.com