"Above the Standard with Bryan Rafanelli + Garrett Harker"

Caitlin Carey posted

It was a perfect way to kickoff a 50-degree Monday in February at Hotel Commonwealth. It was standing room only + hope my brief notes capture some of what I learned from these two Boston icons: 

- Importance of having a vision + execution: be smart + strategic, be willing to look like you are having fun, surround yourself with interesting people 

- Rafanelli approach: no stone left unturned, create absolute best version 

- "Growing up, my parents celebrated everything. Every day was a celebration" - B. Rafanelli

- It is OK to say "No" - say no to yourself for 30 seconds every morning, so when you say yes, you can go at it 150%

- Make it great, or don't do it. You don't have to do everything, it is OK to give it up for other people 

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