How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time

Caitlin Carey posted

Link to podcast: https://www.maconferenceforwomen.org/podcast-successful-women-make-time/

My notes: 

  1. Be mindful of time - figure out where the time really goes; see what you like/don’t like
  2. Look forward - think about what you want to spend more time doing before you’re in the week; do this on Friday
  3. Put first things first - plan you week before you’re in them; time is a choice
  4. Move time around - embrace work-life integration
  5. Build in space - think about your time, put it in your calendar, move logistical things; do things at the start of the day
  6. Take care of ourselves - manage energy level
  7. Use bits of time for bits of joy - small bits of time can move us to the places we want 
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Gardensbyrenee Avatar
Gardensbyrenee commented

Great info. I live by making lists. I try to have 1-2 *priority or must-do tasks. Once I get my *priorities checked off, I give myself a break and do something that I just want to do, not necessarily have to do.

Lisa Avatar
Lisa commented

Great read!!

Fiona Avatar
Fiona commented

totally agree. Making plans in advance and taking notes are really effective methods to save time!